Coronavirus Covid-19 Announcements ATU

Covid-19 Information and Updates

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in late 2019 and the widespread restrictions and lock-downs applied globally, Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU) also decided to take necessary measures to safeguard its members against the pandemic. To this aim, it was decided by the university's Board of Trustees that the academic activities are mainly held online and the physical attendance of students, lecturers, researchers, and staff is minimized.

Accordingly, negotiations started with several top companies inside the country to buy a powerful online teaching and event platform, thereby resuming all previous activities on a virtual platform. To this aim, the famous Adobe Connect software, the platform, and the IranLMS platform were selected and the academic and research activities, including the undergraduate and postgraduate classes, the conferences and seminars, the workshops, among others, were resumed in few months.

Moreover, the university's Centre for Healthcare and Medical Treatment (CHMT) started to produce health advice brochures and published them regularly to its members to inform them of the most cutting-edge findings on how to remain safe from the pandemic. More recently, the Centre has succeeded in regular vaccination of ATU lecturers, staff, and students with the best available vaccines, including the AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, and Barekat ones.


Important decisions and notifications about Covid-19

According to the sensitivity of the issue, immediately after the spread of the pandemic in Iran, all ATU members were notified to continue their academic activities on the university's online platforms. The decision was taken to keep all ATU members safe from the Covid-19. To this aim, the following measures should be made by all ATU members until the successful defeat of the pandemic.

Nobody, including the students, lecturers, staff, leadership, etc, from ATU or from any other institute, should be allowed to enter the university without a mask. Therefore, everyone who is going to visit or enter the university in person is required to wear a standard mask.

All Classes should be held on the university's virtual platforms. Decisions concerting which platform to choose for what purpose are made by course instructors and relevant departments, in harmony with the students;

All defense sessions are held online; this point applied both to Masters dissertations and PhD theses;

All exams, final or not, are taken online, on either of the university's three virtual platforms; this should also apply to the Technical Interviews taken from postgraduate students who are going to be admitted into ATU and the staff who are going to be employed.

All the above-mentioned limitations and regulations should remain valid until the university officially notified the members of its latest decisions.