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ATU is proud to offer undergraduate, postgraduate and short-term courses in various fields to its Iranian and international students. Scholarship opportunities are also in reserve for those who want to study at ECO College of Insurance. Further information about this scholarship is available at this page. You can also see essential requirements at this page.

There is a portal to apply for studying at ATU, where the applicants have to submit their personal information; level of interest; academic history; language qualifications; reference persons and required documents. Please fill out the form with accuracy. Afterwards, we will inform you of the result of your application. Please note that the confirmation email does not mean you are accepted. After closely considering your application, in the case of acceptance we will email your acceptance letter to you. Subsequently, you should apply for a visa; related information about the visa application process is available here.

ATU also provides pick up and accommodation services, requiring to be arranged with the international office beforehand; further information regarding these topics are also available at this page.

Undergraduate and postgraduate applicants can apply to ATU through the following link:

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Students who are willing to spend their sabbaticals in ATU can register through the following link:

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Short-term Mobility applicants also have to send an email to or to There are specific conditions for participating in these short-term mobility courses at ATU, which will be clarified for you after you will send an email to ATU's international office.