Abdollah Motamedi, President of Allameh Tabataba'i University


Professor Abdollah Motamedi was appointed as the 6th President of Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU) in September 2021. Prior to that, he had served as a member of the Board of Trustees at University of Isfahan; a member of the Psychology Committee at the Specialised Council for the Development and Promotion of Humanities; Vice-Dean and Department Head at ATU Faculty of Psychology and Education; and Vice-President for Research at ATU, among other posts.

Dr Motamedi holds a PhD degree in Psychology, received from Tarbiat Modares University (Iran) in 2002. He is currently an Academic Member (Full Professor) at the Faculty of Psychology and Education. His major areas of interest and expertise are evolutionary psychology; personality psychology; geropsychology; cultural and indigenous psychology; psychology of religion; and qualitative research. In what follows you can read Dr Motamedi's speech.



President's Speech

In the name of God

As a Centre of Excellence in humanities and social sciences within Iran, Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU) has managed to be recognised as a pioneering institute in the internationalisation of education and research during recent years. Standing on the shoulders of the Iranian-Islamic foundations and principles, it has tried to expand the range of its academic relations and make maximal use of the existing capacities to further develop academic relations at the international level. The academic programmes at ATU are based on continuous innovation within the classroom and focusing on interactive learning. As a pioneering international university in Iran, we are proud of having ties with more than a hundred academic institutes outside the country.

Developing the infrastructures necessary for the pursuit of academic and research activities at the international level; signature of several MoUs on academic cooperation with universities in various countries; accelerating the process of foreign student admissions; cooperation with reputable international institutes and organisations (including the UNESCO, WHO, European Commission, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and the Silk-Road Universities Network) in the form of joint research and projects, supporting students and lecturers to attend international programmes and academic colloquia, and granting scholarships to talented international students (with an emphasis on admitting students from the Iranian-Islamic civilisational sphere) are among the measures that ATU has had during recent years at the international level.

Given that ATU was chosen in 2020 as the best Iranian university in terms of international activities, we will try to make policies to strengthen these measures and expand the range of these activities in the coming years. I would like to invite all the lecturers, researchers, and students interested in humanities and social sciences to enjoy the opportunities provided at ATU and cooperate with this university to provide the grounds for the production of joint knowledge and the development of cultural and academic symbiosis. Our motto is theorising to enrich global knowledge and help to address social challenges, and, in order to attain it, we would be happy to have supports from intellectual academics from all around the world.


Abdollah Motamedi, PhD

President of Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU)