Research Institute for Translation Studies

Research Institute for Translation Studies (RITS)

The Research Institute for Translation Studies (RITS) is a research institute affiliated to and working under the aegis of Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU). Formerly entitled as the Iranian Centre for Translation Studies, the RITS was officially established in 2008. The RITS was then headed by Dr Hussain Mollanazar. According to its statute, four specialised Departments are set to contribute to the goals defined in RITS:

  • Department of Translation Studies and Pedagogy
  • Department of Translation Technology and Media
  • Department of Language, Culture, and Translation Studies
  • Department of Translation and Editing


The Institute tries to obtain the following missions:

  • Obtaining research grants and projects from outside ATU and spending a part of the incomes for the Institute;
  • Obtaining joint international research projects in the areas related to translation;
  • Publication of state-of-the-art research in scholarly journals;
  • Publication of academic, reference books;
  • Convening local and international conference and seminars;
  • Running Theory Sessions and providing professors with the opportunity to present review or original theories;
  • Holding Specialized Sessions at local and international levels to investigate relavant topics and provide advice to the country's planners and decision-makers;
  • Preparing the grounds for signing and implementing national and international Memorandums of Understanding and Memorandums of Agreement;
  • Holding academic workshops at national and international levels.

Current Head

The Institute is currently headed by Dr Fatameh Parham, Assistant Professor of Translation Studies at ATU.

Contact Channels

The RITS is totally welcome to receive proposals for research and other activities in the broad area of Translation Studies and its sub-areas. All esteemed researchers, students, and faculty members can contact the Institute through the following online channels:

Telegram   @Research_Institute_for_TS



ATU's Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, South Allameh Street, Modiriyat Bridge (Pol-e Modiriyar), Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran.