How to Apply

NUEC/Konkur-Admitted Students

These students are divided into two groups: Those admitted in Rouzaneh (A-Level Tuition-Free) Degree Programmes, and those admitted in Shabaneh (B-Level Tuition Paying) Degree Programmes. Like any other university, ATU accommodates Rouzaneh students with an MSRT-approved tuition fee. It also provides accommodation to its Shabaneh students at a higher rate. Both of these groups should apply for dormitory in the following portal: Accommodation Reservation Portal

Other Students

This group consists of international tuition students, scholarships and knowledge-enhancement students. ATU accommodates scholarship students for free. Moreover, International tuition students can inhabit in ATU dorms by paying as much as the Shabaneh students pay. ATU also tries to provide accommodations for knowledge-enhancement volunteers. These students and volunteers should call Ms Khodaie, Deputy Head of the Office for Accommodation Services at (+9821) 4839 3417.