Iconic Figures


Awards and Honours

Though established in 1957, the relatively young Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU) is, to date, the one and only public university in Iran which is specialized in Humanities and Social Sciences. ATU is offering education to more than 17000 local and foreign students, in all degrees. However, beside its focal point, what distinguishes ATU from the rest of Iranian universities is that we have benefited from many outstanding faculty members, most of whom have been, and are, among the high officials of the country and have been recognized as the Everlasting Faces by the IRIB. Many others are each year being awarded for the quality of their publications; below you may briefly see the most renowned characters at and from ATU who have added to its fame.

Professor Ali DelavarProfessor Davoud Danesh JafariProfessor Aliasghar Dadbeh

Professor Hamidreza AyatollahiProfessor Hamidreza Baradaran ShorakaProfessor Hossein Kalbasi Ashtari

Professor Mir Jalal al-Din KazzaziProfessor Mohammad Ziai BigdeliProfessor Mohammad Mehdi Forghani

Professor Adel AzarProfessor Mohammad Dabir MoghaddamProfessor Sirous Shamisa