Question: Does ATU offer financial assistance to international undergraduate/graduate students?
Answer: Unfortunately, ATU does not award any type of financial assistance to international undergraduates/graduates. For more information, contact ……

Question: What are the requirements for admission to the Allameh Tabataba’i University?

• Beginning Freshmen
• Undergraduate Transfer Students
• Graduate Students
Question: What credentials do I need to provide to the Office of Admissions?
• Undergraduates: Submit your secondary records (high school) and/or postsecondary records (college/university) in the native language with a certified, literal (exact) English translation (if applicable).
• Graduates: Submit your college records to the Office of Admissions and to the department.

Question: What type of housing is available for international students?
Answer: While on-campus housing is limited for everyone, there are many opportunities off campus. Please refer to the ………………… page.

Question: What are the undergraduate/graduate Programs?

Fisher School of Accounting
African-American Studies
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
American Indian and Indigenous Studies (IDS)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Question: How much will it cost to attend ATU?
Answer: The university requires …. Rials ….

Question: How can I contact the Office of Admissions if I have questions?
Answer: Your questions should be answered on this Web site, so please study it carefully. If you still need assistance, contact us at …..@atu.ac.ir

Question: How do I apply?
Answer: To apply to ATU you need to submit an application online before you wish to start at the University. You can read the details of this process in this link: …………..

Question: Is there an age requirement?
Answer: There’s no age requirement for admission to ATU, although the vast majority of undergraduates are 18 years or older when they come into residence. If you’ll be over 21 when you start your course you are classified as a mature student. All students must demonstrate that they have the maturity and personal skills to cope with university level study, and will be able to gain full benefit from the course when admitted.

Question: Will I have to sit an admissions test?

Question: Will I be interviewed?
Answer: Everyone with a realistic chance of being offered a place is invited to attend an interview – that's more than 80 per cent of applicants. So, if you apply, it is very likely that you will be invited to ATU for an admissions interview (although due to the level of competition for places, there are applicants each year who are not interviewed).

Question: What work experience do I need to have?
Answer: Work experience isn't expected or required. However, for vocational courses, such as Physical Educations and Sports, having some relevant work experience in an appropriate setting is useful and recommended. It demonstrates commitment to your intended profession and gives you the opportunity to acquire greater understanding of the realities and pressures associated with that exercise.

Question: Can I transfer to ATU from another university?
Answer: It is not possible to transfer to ATU to pursue only part of a degree course – all students must start in the first year of our three or four-year undergraduate programmes – and the Colleges will only consider applications to move to ATU from students enrolled on a degree course at other universities in very exceptional circumstances.

Question: If my application is unsuccessful, can I reapply?
Answer: It is possible for students to reapply to the University, either the following year or in a future year. If your application is unsuccessful and you think you may wish to reapply, you're strongly advised to request feedback on your original application as soon after you're notified of our decision as possible.

Question: What grades do I need?
Answer: Whatever school or college system you are being educated in, we require top grades in the highest level qualifications available for school/college students – most successful applicants to the University ultimately exceed the conditions of their offer.

Question: Do I need an English/Persian language qualification?

Question: What are the fees for international students?
Answer: The level of tuition fees for international students varies depending on the course you are studying. In addition to University tuition fees, all overseas fee status students normally have to pay College fees. Full details can be found at in the …………..  section.

Question: Does ATU run an English language course?
Answer: Yes. The University’s Language Centre runs a …….-week English for Academic Purposes pre-sessional course (attendance at which may be included as a condition of your offer).

Question: I have a disability, can I still apply?
Answer: Yes, of course. There are a number of students with a disability studying at the University. The Disability Resource Centre (DRC)and the College system will ensure you receive the support that you require. More information about the support available and things that you should consider when applying can be found in the Support section.

Question: Can I visit ATU before I apply?

Question: Where is Tehran and how do I get there?


Question: Is it possible to ask a current student a question?
Answer: Yes –the University Students' Union has a team of students from all Colleges and subjects ready to answer your questions. Visit the Ask a student page of the website for more information and to submit a question.

Question: I’m too ill to sit my examination, what do I do?

Answer:Question. When do I get my student loan?

Question: What Grade Point Average (GPA) will I need to achieve to be eligible for admission for the graduate course I want to apply for?


Question: What is the ranking of ATU?


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Question: Does the University have any sports facilities?


Question: Can I park my car on campus?

Question: Does ATU have courses that start in January?


Question: Does ATU offer summer school opportunities?


Question: What is ATU’s mission statement?


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